About us

Hi! Welcome to KM Mushrooms!

Amanda Janney founded KM Mushrooms in 2023 in Santa Rosa, California. Amanda began growing and foraging food, including fruits, veggies, and mushrooms, while living in Portland, Oregon, in the early 2000s. A long-time volunteer and educator working with Growing Gardens, Cooking Matters, and the Oregon Food Bank, Amanda has a deep passion for connecting with the community through food and education. In 2017, after returning from living abroad in Belgium for several years, Amanda decided to focus on mushroom cultivation knowledge and skills with the goal of one day starting a commercial, community-based farm. The dream has always been to provide the community with fresh, healthy, and exciting foods. "I believe there is a mushroom for everyone," says Amanda, who grows a unique variety of mushrooms, believing that the common grocery-store mushrooms that lack flavor and can often have a rubbery texture contribute to the common dislike of mushrooms.
KM stands for Ken$ie Maria, Amanda's loyal pup.