The Mushroom Tarot (second edition)

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As mushroom farmers, tarot readers, and punks...we we're floored with excitement when we discovered Chris Adam's The Mushroom Tarot Deck. 

From Chris:

"The 2nd Edition of The Mushroom Tarot Deck is here!

Like the 1st Edition, this one is a limited printing––each edition will feature unique changes & updates to the deck. This deck features 6 updated card drawings in the Major Arcana, a bunch of color tweaks from the 1st Edition, and a much cooler box insert to hold the cards in place.

This deck is based on the Rider Waite Coleman-Smith system, and thoughtfully pairs each card in the Major Arcana with a mushroom species based either on morphology or experiential interactions Chris has had with the chosen mushroom. Similarly, the Minor Arcana are paired with a genus of Mushrooms that either fits the physical form of the group––Pentacles for Stars and Cup Fungus for Cups––or feels like the energetic equivalent in the mycological kingdom––Wands are Cordyceps (and relatives) and Swords are Psilocybe.

Chris is an avid forager and amateur mycological enthusiast, and he has seen many of the mushrooms he drew & described for this deck in the real world. His work for this project attempts a fusion of the popular culture influences in his life––punk rock, cartoons, 60s counterculture art, scientific illustration––and a 'flexible' scientific accuracy to respect the organisms he is recreating with pen, ink and squeegee.  

Some Details:

The Mushroom Tarot comes inside a rad 2-piece box with black & gold-metallic ink, features 81 cards on a durable 280 gsm stock with Copper Metallic Edges, the same great perfect-bound guide and has an upgraded box insert with printed artwork & a new design.

Cards in the box: 3 Mycoguide significator cards, 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

Guide Specs: 4"x6" perfect-bound book with 40 pages of the artist's thoughts on each card & some illustrations too! 

All artwork is hand-illustrated & digitally colored by Chris Adams."